New Horror Games to Play During Halloween


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

      Seeing that it is the spooky season, you may want to play a new horror game. Well, fear not, there were a lot of new releases this year.

     The first horror game is Carrion. This is a “reverse horror game” where you are a monster and escape a lab continuing to eat people and gain more abilities to penetrate the entire base. In this, you face obstacles such as security systems, guards, and technical thinking situations. It is very chaotic at times and has taken some people 4-5 hours to complete. It has a kind of Terraria look and is 20 dollars on Steam. 

     The second horror game is Phasmophobia. Phasmophobia is a 4-player co-op ghost hunting psychological horror. In this game, you and your team investigate different locations and use all the ghost hunting equipment at your disposal to gather as much evidence as you can. An interesting feature of the game is that you can talk to the ghost, saying things like “show us a sign,” and you can interact with the game more. This game is 14 dollars on Steam and can now be played in VR. 

     The last game is Playdead’s Inside. Inside is a puzzle-platformer adventure game where you control a boy in a dystopic world, solving environmental puzzles and avoiding death. It is the successor of Playdead’s 2010 game Limbo and features a similar 2.5D game-play. This game is available on many platforms such as PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile, PS4, and Xbox. The game is free to download and play through for a bit at the beginning -but to complete it, you have to pay the full version which is 7 dollars.