The Caves and Cliffs Update in Minecraft


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

   Recently, Minecraft announced their new Caves and Cliffs update that will be coming in the summer of next year. This update will feature new mobs, new biomes, new cave and mountain generation, and more.

      The first feature introduced in the update were the lush caves, axolotls, wardens, and the deep dark. Lush caves are a new biome that generates underground and are very lush, green, mossy biomes that have a special feature. Above the cavern, the surface holds a new tree that has special pink leaves to tell players there is a lush cave underneath. Not only that but, the new biomes come with “the cutest predators you will ever meet”, the axolotl! This new aquatic mob will not harm players but have a unique feature in the ocean. Players can scoop up axolotls in buckets and bring an army with them to a guardian’s palace and the axolotls will help attack the guardians. As for the deep dark and wardens, they are the complete opposite of axolotls and lush caves. This new biome called the deep dark is another underground cave that holds a new mob boss, the warden. The warden is a blind creature that uses sounds and vibrations to find its prey and uses very unique blocks called sulk sensor blocks. These blocks are like wifi signals that click to other sulk sensors and is a great use for Redstone builders. 

     The second feature is the cave and cliffs generation, a new mob, and a new ore. Minecraft players currently have the same type of Minecraft generation but the new update will introduce rafts of water and huge caverns of all different lengths and sizes. Not only that but the mountain generation will now be upgraded as well and comes with a new mob, the goat. The goat is a small addition to the game and is a mob that can knock players and other animals off ledges and can jump very high. As for the new ore, it is copper.  Copper will come with all the standard block types (stairs, full blocks, etc) and can make a new item, the lighting rod. Which will attract lighting to it and not hit the roof of the house which is helpful for players who build wool roofs. 

     To wrap up the update the last few features are bundles, amethyst geodes, two more new items, archaeological dig sites, and the winner of the mob vote. As for the bundles they are a way to help clear storage for players and keep the inventory neat and clean. This item can hold up to 64 blocks of all different varieties of blocks and objects. As for the amethyst geodes, it is a new rare biome that has blocks that grow crystals that can be used to make a telescope. The block that grows the crystal, unfortunately, cannot be obtained, but as for the crystal shards, they can make telescopes that allow players to look farther than normal sight. Second to last, comes the archaeological dig sites. These sites will spawn randomly and with it, comes another new item, the brush. The brush is used to uncover treasures from archaeological dig sites and with this, players can create their own stories using what they have collected. Not only that but if players collect ancient shards they can create a pot and make their very own ancient pot. Finally, the winner of the mob vote 2020. The options included the Moombloom, the Glow Squid, and the Iceologer. As for the winner… It was the Glow Squid! Players have no idea what the Glow Squid will do but it will be a nice addition to the game. 

     Overall the new update will come with so many new features that will be beneficial and exciting for all players on all platforms!