When to start decorating for the holidays


Harris G., Staff Writer

     The holiday season is, for many, the best time of the year. There are festivities, family gatherings, presents, and two breaks from school. For many, putting up decorations is an important part of this time. And thus an inevitable debate arises: What time is the best time to do this? Although the debate about putting up decorations comes up every year, this year, for many, it has been escalated. This is because, put simply, the year 2020 has been the worst due to pandemic as well as enough other bad news to fill a full-length novel. This year has made many desperate for some celebration. The holiday season, seeing as it comes every year no matter what, seems an obvious choice.

     Many people argue that everybody needs and deserves something to cheer them up, and thus people should be able to put up decorations as early as they want. Others argue that doing so ruins the joy of the holiday season. It would be as if we celebrated Christmas every day; it would no longer be special, they say. Most people can agree to this point to some extent, as not many people think that it’s okay to put up decorations as early as June or July, but right now, when there are only seven weeks until Thanksgiving, the topic is much more debatable. 

     When it comes down to it, where an individual falls on the spectrum of this argument — because it is a spectrum as opposed to a debate with simply two sides — is determined by both their personality and their experience with the holiday season. Those who believe in hard set rules and have had a very tradition-based, unchanging way of celebrating the holiday season will tend to want decorations to be put up later, and those who have opposite traits will, of course, have the opposite opinion. This means that the debate about decorating for holidays simply doesn’t do a lot of good. In the end, it seems, putting up decorations early does ruin the fun for people that say it does, but for those that don’t, it doesn’t!