Reduce the Use


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Plant with recycle symbol growing from paper isolated on white

Kelsie V.


Have you ever wondered if we would ever run out of trees? Probably not, because there are millions and millions of trees, you might think. Do trees help us? Think about it, so many products come from trees, such as paper, lumber, and other items. We as middle schoolers use so much paper for so many causes. Trees give us oxygen and allow us to breathe in that cold, fresh, pine smelling air. Unfortunately, deforestation is a big problem across the world, and trees are fading away. Here are some tips on how to reduce the amount of paper we use as children and students.

     To begin, one way to reduce the number of papers you use in your daily life is to only buy what you need. At the stationery store you may be tempted to pick up a couple more adorable-looking notebooks and journals that you don’t need and, most likely, won’t use. Buy only what you need, four notebooks should be more than enough for one quarter of the year. This will allow fewer paper products to be shipped from other places.

     Additionally, use both sides of a paper and print double-sided. For example, that printout of a handout can be used as scratch paper for an upcoming math test. This is so much better for the environment and trees. Also, using both sides of a paper allows you to take out the recycling less, which we should all be happier about. Printing double-sided allows us to lower the amount of paper as well. It can also benefit your family, as you won’t need to purchase as much printing paper.

     Finally, the last tip is to use online documents and flashcards. Online documents have many different settings and tools you can use, which you may even find more likable than writing on paper. Also, during this time of quarantine, it allows us to become more computer -savvy. If you need to study for an upcoming vocabulary test and you need flashcards, don’t get paper ones. There are many websites like Quizlet that allow you to use online flashcards for free. Quizlet has many practice testing options as well, making it easier for you to study.

     These tips are for lessening the amount of paper you use in your daily life and during online school. If you learn to reduce paper and try to help trees too, trees would certainly, surely thank you.