A Silver Lining


Tessa H., Staff Writer

     Although Covid-19 has taken an inexpressibly huge toll on our world, some positive things have come out of these months of stay-at-home quarantine, and people have been uniting to help our world recover!

      Firstly, so many friends and families have been on the go and don’t think about their relationships when they are busy at work. During this pandemic, people have made their relationships with their loved ones stronger than ever, and are now bonding through their experiences. And, even if some people can’t make it home every night, they can virtually connect to talk, listen, and be there for their loved ones.

     Also, we have utilized all the digital resources available to us to aid in learning and connecting. Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, Skype, and countless other platforms have helped people across the globe resume their classes and work faster than we could have imagined without them. We — students — have learned about apps that can help us stay organized digitally, too! When the pandemic is over, people will be left with these eye-opening experiences of how to work with all that these new technologies have to offer.

     Another point is that there has been drastically less usage of paper since the beginning of quarantine and distance learning. Students everywhere have participated in this, too — we have been using Gmail versus letter paper, and pdf/docs instead of physical worksheets. This is great! It reduces the impact we make on forests and produces less waste. Just think about all those times you have used one side of a paper to do some math problems, and threw it away without thinking to use the other side as scratch paper… To add on, the process of creating paper emits a lot of pollution into our air. This has been lessened since we have resorted to using digital resources. 

     In conclusion, when you look just a bit harder, you can see how some pros are coming out of this pandemic!