Editorial: For the Love of Technology!


Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     Distance learning, social media, and contacting our friends are all happening through technology. Everyone sits at home, hoping their computers are going to work with them. I believe that society depends on technology, now more than ever. What would this new world be like if there wasn’t any technology?

     Many people are sitting in front of a computer on Zoom or Google Meets for hours at a time to learn at school. You, dear reader, are most likely doing the same thing. Just imagine, though, what it would be like if there wasn’t any modern technology to assist us. School would be impossible to attend! Books would be our only matter of entertainment! There would be no way that people would have anything close to our distance learning! In this age and time, people depend on technology more than ever before. Just a few inventions carry our lives.

    Another thing that depends solely on technology is social interaction. In person, people acted much more antisocial than they do now. Seeing as how that kind of communication is now unsafe, it is a relief to see someone, even through Zoom/Google Meets. Talking happens through the chat, but at least it happens. Without technology, the mailman would deliver letters, which would take ages to send and be outdated by the time they reach you. These are delivered in person. This wouldn’t be as safe as online interaction, in which contact is made through a bright screen and received instantaneously. That can be found through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms Many people in this era would not know what to do without these apps.

     What with all of this time spent online, take some time to unplug. Screens and devices turned off, you can go take a walk. Perhaps you can start a new book or write an old-fashioned letter to your friend. Maybe you’ll have some time to see nature or do your laundry. No matter what it is, there are so many things you can do that do not depend on technology. Though we depend on technology more than we should, there are countless ways to break free from this cycle.

     The human race is very dependent on technology. Without it, many people would feel lost; after all, everyone is living in a time where these screens are the only way to make safe contact with others. This is the way we live: through technology.