Getting a Penpal

Getting a Penpal

Lilus M., Staff Writer

     Since the day we’ve been in lockdown, most of us have become bored. We don’t really have anything to look forward to anymore. We’re stuck at home, and it seems like we’re using technology 24/7. As for keeping in touch, we’ve been texting and texting. It’s disappointing that texting is all we do. We seem like zombies, brainwashed by the power of technology. Some of us think that texting is the only way.

     Not at all. You see, before phones, people used to write to each other through postal mail. Some people still do now! Writing a letter to somebody is always considered to be thoughtful, especially when you put effort into the letter. So, how is writing letters going to help us get through these tough times? One word: Penpals.

     So, rather than texting all the time, take a moment to consider the idea of getting a Penpal. It can either be a friend, or a person from another country! Whoever it is, having a Penpal will be extremely fun, and it will be something to look forward to all the time. Below are a few steps on how to write a letter to your Penpal:

  1. Gather your basic supplies, such as different pens and pencils, a nice, firm envelope and paper. You can use any types of paper, such as memo paper, just as long as it’s appropriate for letters.
  2. When writing your letter, think about the writing style. Make sure to make it neat.
  3. To start off your letter, after writing “Dear …”, introduce yourself. Include some fun facts about yourself, including your hobbies and interests. Afterwards, include some questions for your Penpal.
  4. After writing your letter, make it look appealing. You’ll want to decorate it with cool stickers or tape.
  5. Lastly, you’ll want to include some extras. You can include some nice beads, stickers, and even tea packets.

     Overall, you want to make your letter as creative as possible. So the question remains – how does one get a Penpal? You may ask somebody you know who lives in a different country, or you may also want to ask an old friend. If you want to get a completely new Penpal, consider visiting the website Global Penfriends. Now that you know how to begin, you sure will have a great experience!