New Restaurant: Badger Bowls


Harris G., Staff Writer

     During the pandemic, many restaurants have removed the option of a sit-down meal, and some, as we know, are even going out of business. However, these restaurants are being replaced by new ones.  An example of this is a recently opened restaurant called Badger Bowls. They are a family-owned restaurant based here in Redlands, and they claim to have a “laidback, beach vibe.” Not only that, but they also aim to serve food for anyone, regardless of tastes or allergies. 

     As their name suggests, Badger Bowl primarily serves bowls. Their signature bowl, the Badger Bowl itself, is a blend of acai, coconut milk, pineapple juice, bananas, strawberries, and mango. This serves as a prime example of the type of food served there, especially as their specialty is acai bowls. However, they also serve a variety of smoothies, teas, a wide selection of honey, different types of toasts and bagels, and the typical sandwiches and salads.

     In conclusion, Badger Bowls is a great addition to Redlands’ wide variety of restaurants. It offers a unique experience, and the mission of the family behind it is certainly commendable. I highly encourage you to try it out!