ASB’s 9/18 Lunch Social


Lilus M., Staff Writer

     During lunch, Friday, September 18, ASB hosted a successful lunch social. Many students attended. Mrs. Clark, ASB’s advisor, stated, “…we had 112 attend. That’s huge!” Students got to participate in an entertaining game of scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was made up of fun riddles. The answer to each riddle was a daily household item. Emmy B. (8), ASB’s vice president, stated, “The lunch social on 9/18 went very well. Kids were put into breakout rooms to solve a riddle where they had to grab household items. They all seemed to enjoy it and it was a great way to socialize and see friends during distance learning!” Each breakout room was made up of seven students, including one or two ASB students for assistance. There were seven riddles to solve, and all groups only had seven minutes to solve all riddles and grab any item in their house they could find. The game went by quickly! Avery C. (7), an ASB representative, happily exclaimed, “The lunch social went really well! Everyone was socializing appropriately and having a fun time!” Students sure did enjoy the scavenger hunt, but it wasn’t over yet. 

     ASB had another fun and simple game everybody could participate in. It was an entertaining game of “Would You Rather”, which ASB put together as a slideshow to present on the screen. Students would leave their screens on or off in order to indicate what they would rather do. Everybody was participating, and they were all having fun. 

     Overall, it seems that ASB had an entertaining and successful lunch social once again. “It was a successful, stress relieving, fun, and positive 20 minutes in a day,” Audrey G. (8), ASB’s treasurer, stated. Many students joined, participated, and had lots of fun! They are looking forward to the next lunch social, which will happen soon!