Hairstyles Over the Decades


Tessa H., Staff Writer

Clothing isn’t the only thing that’s evolved over the years — hairstyles have, too! French braids, pin curls, bandanas… here are the most popular hairstyles over the decades.

In the 1950s, the poodle clip was a very iconic look. It is also called a bubble cut and is tightly curled hair gracefully swept up to the top of the head. The look evolved over the decade, and the hair began to be swept back, parted in the middle, or brought to one side — using some curls as bangs.

The bouffant, popular in the ‘60s, was characterized by hair placed high on the head and, usually, covering the sides and hanging down by the ears. To have this result, one would backcomb their hair to create a mound of tangled hair on the top of their head. One would then take uncombed hair from the front of their head and comb it over the already formed pile of hair. 

In the 1970s, disco curls were one of the trendy hairstyles, with a simple method: curling one’s hair in three or four layers, from the bottom up. The hair was curled in small sections 2-3 fingers wide. These curls were perfect for parties!

The mohawk was a key style in the ‘80s. Most may know it as long spikes of hair standing up in the middle strip of the head, and hair shaved on the sides. Yet, there are also some varieties: reverse mohawks (a shaved strip of hair in the middle) and fauxhawks (without shaving the sides of the head).

In the 1990s, an iconic hairdo was the flipped-out bob — by parting the hair about an inch above the ears, blow drying it and rolling it upwards, and progressing through the layers while giving the hair a side part. This style has evolved over the years, ranging from multiple layers of curls to one section on the bottom. 

Ponytails, bangs clipped back, and bandanas were everywhere in the 2000s. These bandanas were often red and blue and had intricate symmetrical patterns on them. They were simply wrapped around the hair like a ponytail, or tied up around the forehead, separating the hair from the face. Hair clips were used to pull hair back or help secure a style.   

In the end, these are some of the most popular hairdos over the decades. When bored — or just for fun — try some of these out!