How to Stay Motivated and On Track

How to Stay Motivated and On Track

Tessa H., Staff Writer

During quarantine, you may have noticed that you’ve been more tired and unwilling to finish that one homework assignment. In the long run, keeping to this procrastinating trend will not be beneficial. So, here are some tips to help you keep motivated and stay on track with your homework. 


1. Tell your goals to a friend or family member, such as, “I am going to finish my math worksheets by Friday or earlier.” When doing so, you are holding yourself accountable for finishing your work on time. Also, the people you told your plans to can encourage you to set aside time to work! 


2. Make a chart, fill in a planner, or create a list. There are endless ways of keeping track of all of your assignments. Whichever method you use to look at them, some things to include are the class name, a short description/instructions, a due date, and even your progress throughout the day. It is helpful to place your list somewhere you will see it, such as on a desk or a bulletin board to a bookmark or tab on a computer. Whenever you take a glance at your list, you will be motivated to check off some work!


3. Give yourself small rewards for completing assignments early or on time. This is very beneficial if you would rather binge YouTube or Netflix, because you will know that something good will be at the end of the day if you work diligently. The incentives can be anything you want — they are best if they are something small that always makes your day, such as a bike ride with a sibling/friend or a scoop of ice cream. 


4. Don’t do it alone! You will be much more motivated to work productively if you know a friend will be going through the same things with you. You can virtually connect with your ‘study buddy’ to discuss work and problems, or even talk about what you are working on in your classes. So many possibilities open up when you have someone to work with — you can make flashcards, quiz each other, and share ideas and notes. 


To conclude, these are several helpful tips on how to keep motivated while doing schoolwork. These are ever so important during Distance Learning, so be sure to try some of them out and see what fits you!