Fall Decoration Ideas


An example of a craft you can make with just some paint and pinecones!

Josephine H., Staff Writer

Fall is coming, and you’re probably wondering how to decorate your home for the new season. There are many ways to get your house looking the part for fall, but here are a few great ideas.


  1. Ombre Pinecones

Do you have pinecones laying around from previous years or from trees in your yard? Now you have something to do with them AND a great way to dress up your home.

Source: DIY Friday: Ombre Pinecone Tutorial


  1.  The Thankful Tree

Everyone has things to be grateful for, so here is a good way to write them down to decorate the kitchen table! You just need some sticks, paper, and a jar to get started.

Source: Simply Vintagegirl » The Thankful Tree


  1. Fall Leaf Streamer

Since we live in Southern California, there might not be a lot of leaves on the ground (at least not yet), but that doesn’t mean your house has to look as boring as the weather is. Decorate your patio, front porch, or stairway(s) with these beautiful streamers, and all you need are leaves and glue!

Source: Fall leaf streamer


  1. Yarn Pumpkins

Not everyone has time to go to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin, but now you can skip the long drive to the pumpkin patch and just go to the craft store! Yarn, some balloons, pipe cleaners, and some glue is all you need to get started with your very own yarn pumpkin.

Source: How to Make Yarn Pumpkins Using Balloons


  1. Painted Acorns

You may not have gone to the mountains recently, but you still might have a bunch of acorns lying around your yard taking up space. Now you have a reason to go outside (if only for a few minutes) and do a craft. You just need acorns and some acrylic paint to get started.

Source: How to Paint Acorns


  1. Box Spiders

You’ll probably have a lot of leftover cardboard, since we’re getting everything delivered these days, so now you have something to do with all this clutter. You’ll need scissors, cardboard (of course), paint, craft paper, glue, and pipe cleaners to make a cardboard spider. 

Source: Cardboard Box Spiders… halloween craft fun for kids


  1.    Button Art – Button Candy Corn

If you have buttons, glue, a sheet of paper, and a spare frame, you can make a button candy corn artwork piece! Hang it up in your room or in the hallway to spice up your home and get in the mood for fall.
Source: Candy Corn Button Art 


Just because it’s not Halloween or Thanksgiving yet doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit!