How AVID won $10,000


Harris G., Staff writer

     AVID is a wonderful program that runs across California and the world. It aims to help motivate and support students so they can achieve their full potential in school. Cope’s AVID program embodies these goals excellently. Because of this, recently Cope’s AVID program won an award called the AVID Teacher Advocacy Award that included a $10,000 prize. I have gotten the opportunity to interview Mr. Alan Aceto, the Coordinator of the program, about the award.

    Out of all elementary, middle, and high schools in California, only 5 win the award. San Bernardino County’s AVID Supervisor applied on behalf of Cope and it was eventually selected as one of the top 5. The founder of AVID, Mary Catherine Swanson, even read the application and loved it! Alan Aceto said, “Cope is the first Redlands Unified school to ever receive this award and we’re very proud of the hard work.” I think that they certainly should be. Go Cope Eagles!

     The award is not only a great honor for Cope’s AVID program, it also helps to make the program even better! The award comes with a $10,000 prize, and Mr. Aceto said that the award will be used, “to further academic and engagement programs within AVID and we’re also talking about ways to support our goal of AVID schoolwide.” The award will also allow them to make large purchases that they couldn’t otherwise. Overall, this is a very exciting time for AVID, and it looks as if the program will keep getting better and better. As Mr. Aceto said, “The whole AVID Team is very excited and thankful that they selected Cope as one of these five schools.  At Cope, we have a great team of teachers (Mr. Aceto, Mrs. Fuentes, Mrs. Aument, Mr. Boursaw, Mrs. Garrett) that have all worked very hard to make this an award-winning program and the best program for students who want to be in AVID and take on that challenge.”