Distance Learning Fashion


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

   Since Distance Learning has started, what you wear to your virtual classes don’t matter as much since people can’t see what you fully look like. You could be wearing a nice top and yoga pants, sweatpants, or even your bunny pajamas, and no one would know! Since people don’t see your bottom half, you should really worry about your top half during distance learning. 

     Because your top halves are the only parts visible, there are some nice ways to look good on camera. First, your shirt is a big part of your appearance on camera, so you could wear a nice blouse, t-shirt, or anything you find fitting. Not only is your shirt important, but something like your hair or what you wear on your head or face matters too. It all depends on what you feel like wearing. Do you feel like wearing a bandana or hair clips? Or do you feel like putting on makeup or earrings? Lastly, you should make sure to brush your teeth! Even though those are small details, it can make your day and motivate you in the morning. 

     As for your pants, this is where you have plenty of freedom to choose. You could wear just about anything like sweatpants, shorts, pajamas, etc. Plus, the only time anyone sees what your pants look like is during PE, which you could just throw some PE shorts, basketball shorts, or some legging. Also while sitting in a chair, no one sees if you are barefoot, have socks on, or even have slippers on. Of course, some people prefer to be more comfortable than fashionable.  

     Overall what you wear won’t fully show, but it might be fun to wear something nice once in a while.