A Refreshing Treat: Happy Camper Creamery


Lilus M., Staff Writer

     It has been weeks since the start of school, and unfortunately, it still feels like summer. Why should we continue to suffer in this heat? If only we had a knight in shining ice cream containers to come save us from our doom. Well, do not fret! Thankfully, ASB has the solution for all of us!

     For only a limited amount of time, from Sept. 14-Sept. 25, ASB will be holding a fundraising event. ASB introduces…Happy Camper Creamery! You can mostly tell by the name what this small but mighty business will offer us. Behold, ice cream! 

     Happy Camper Creamery offers a variety of flavors, from mint and chip gelato to pineapple sorbet, including vegan and gluten free options. If you’re interested in ordering a sweet and cooling treat, be sure to visit the website! (HappyCamperCreamery.com)

     As a reminder, this business is an online business only, so you can only order through the website. Deliveries are also free.

     When you order within the first week, your orders will be delivered locally soon within three days or so, so make sure to order right away for some delicious, sweet treats! 

     Be sure to order soon because supplies are limited. 

     Part of the proceeds will go to Cope’s ASB, so make sure to use the code COPE when ordering! Speaking of Cope, we even have our own flavor! Happy Camper Creamery now offers Cope Cake Pops! 

     Again, we need something to save us from this never-ending heat. Luckily, Happy Camper Creamery offers us some life-saving gelato! So be sure to order soon! You won’t regret it!