Mulan Movie on Disney+


Caroline C., Editor

     With movie theaters closed, Disney has tried to find a new way to release the newest live action movie –Mulan. So they have turned to their newest streaming service: Disney+. However, the way they’ve released it has sparked a controversy.

     Mulan has been released onto Disney+ -an app people pay for- at a price of $29.99. It will remain that price until December 4th, where it will become free for Disney+ subscribers. 

     One side of the divide says the way this works is unfair. On top of the $7 Disney+ subscription, they have to pay $30 to watch the movie. However, Disney has good reasons for this. The movie cost $200 million -making it the most expensive live action Disney movie so far. They have to make that money back, right? And with the theaters closed due to COVID-19, there aren’t a lot of options. 

     The ratings for the Mulan movie are just as divided. Some say that it’s “boring” or “over-hyped” while others claim that it’s a “must-watch” and “epic.” Then the question is: is the movie worth buying? It might be better to wait until December if you weren’t so hyped up to see it. 

     But, if you’re a big Disney fan, it may be worth the cost to enjoy the movie and see what you think. In fact, if you gather up your family you might actually save money buying the film from Disney+ than if you went to the movie theater to watch it. The saddest part, however, is that the movie theater experience is missing. But there is a fix for that. You can now get a curbside pickup for popcorn from Harkins Theater! 

     If you do end up paying for the movie, tell us if it was worth the cost in the comments!