Fun things to bake while in quarantine


Sarah M., Staff Writer

 Love to bake? These are three fun ideas of what to bake while stuck in quarantine.

     One fun thing to bake is brownies. Brownies come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. There are traditional brownies, blondes, s’mores brownies, chocolate chip brownies, and much more. Depending on what type of brownie you like you can cook them firm, gooey, or more of a middle ground. Overall brownies are something that a wide variety of people can enjoy and they make a great snack in between classes. There are a bunch of recipes for brownies on the back of brownie boxes.

     Another fun dessert to make is cookies. Cookies also come in a very wide variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes. If you like traditional cookies, chocolate chips, sugar cookies, or  snicker-doodles, they may be the pick for you. If you like cookies that are outside of the box you may like s’mores, M’M, and other different cookies. On chocolate chip bags there are sometimes recipes for cookies. The best part about cookies is they are easy to share. You can drop some off on a friend’s doorstep as a thank you or a hello.

     One last dessert that tastes good and can last a while is pies. Pies are something that are usually made around holidays like Thanksgiving, but depending on how big your family is, pies can last a while. Some really good pies are fruit pies. These include apple pie, blueberry pie, strawberry pie, rhubarb pie, and banana cream pie. Pie recipes can mostly be found online. Make a pie and even a normal day will feel like a holiday. 

Now that you have some ideas, get off the couch and get in the kitchen!