24 year old Burger!

Marlon M., Staff Writer

About two weeks ago, a Tiktoker by the name of @aly.sherb posted a video of a woman revealing a hamburger that is reportedly 24 years old. The burger is completely intact; no mold, no rot, nothing has formed on the burger or the fries. The video, starring the women who owns the burger, has attracted over 523 thousand likes. 

    “So you want to see my hamburger? It lives in a box in my closet,” the woman says as she opens the box, revealing its contents. “The French fries look like they maybe could’ve fallen under your seat a month or so ago but they never rotted or decayed,” she observes as she pours a few of the french fries into her hand. “The hamburger itself, the bread has never molded, the meat has never rotted, it’s never even broken, it’s completely intact.”  She examines the bun and patty, then notes with a disgusted face,“not sure what would happen if you ate it though.”

    This has not been the first time something like this happened. Many others claim that they have McDonald’s Burgers over a decade old. The notion that a food that is expected to decay quickly being so unaltered after so many years is downright unappetizing. It makes people reconsider ever touching a Mcdonald’s burger again. Perhaps that is the reason why the clip has gone viral.