Local Businesses to Support


Tessa H., Staff Writer

     When you next want to buy a drink from Starbucks or grab a pizza from Domino’s, think twice. During this harsh pandemic, many small local restaurants are trying to stay in business, and need the support of our purchases more than large organizations. So, when you are craving some good food, here are some delicious places to go to!  

Carolyn’s Cafe and Stell Coffee: If you are looking for an amazing piece of coffee cake and a nice drink, Carolyn’s Cafe is for you! Their meal choices range from dozens of scrambled egg plates to biscuits and gravy. Stell Coffee has many types of veggie sandwiches/breakfast sandwiches, soup, fresh salads, and — of course — coffee.

Jerseys and New York Pizza: Jerseys Pizza offers pizza by the slice deals, including lunch, soup, and salad specials. Their pizza is made using homemade sauces and dough, and they also have a wide range of toppings. New York Pizza has a similar selection of food choices. They serve many specialty pizzas, such as the Sicilian, New Yorker, and Tuscan. 

Rosa Maria’s and Cuca’s: Burritos, soup, and enchiladas are stellar at Rosa Maria’s! Their garbage burrito is a favorite among guests. They also have a combo plate with tacos. Cuca’s Mexican food has countless types of omelettes and egg/bacon plates for breakfast. For their main meals, you can buy quesadillas, chips, fajitas, and so much more. Both restaurants have a nice mix of Mexican and American foods. 

     To conclude, these are all great examples of local places to get a bite of food from! Let’s be sure to support them whenever we have a chance.