How to Stay Awake in Class


Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     Though many believe that it’s child’s play to stay awake in class, distance learning has proved them wrong. As we sit in front of our monitors for ninety minutes without pause, our eyes begin to droop, our voices begin to yawn, and we slowly drift off…

     There are a few ways to keep awake despite this feeling. Even if you feel like taking a nice long nap, these tips can help you. After applying these, you’ll be more than ready to tackle another period of block scheduling.

     One way to keep your eyes open is to move around. This makes your body realize that you are supposed to be awake and that its internal clock is wrong. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Stretching, tapping your fingers, or adjusting your position all work fine. As long as you keep moving, that’s what will keep you awake. If that doesn’t work, try splashing some cold water on your face. It’s a trick commonly used in movies, but it works.

     Another way to stay alert is to have bright lights shining down on your workspace. Not only will you be able to see everything clearly (including your computer screen), but you’ll also feel ready to go. Your bright light tells you that it’s daytime, and sleep isn’t on the agenda. This way, you can stay wide awake even if your class is right after lunch.

     However, this can all be avoided if you sleep and eat well. Did you know that nine hours of sleep are required for kids our age to feel well-rested and ready to go? Eating healthy foods three times a day is really important, too. By doing all of these things, you will surely be able to stay awake during all of your classes.