EDITORIAL: The “Recall Newsom” Movement

Edric W., Staff Writer

Recently, tensions have been rising as California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, has reinstated the lockdown. People are furious about this. On top of his other acts of governing, he has now taken our freedom to go outside. Just as we thought that people sensible enough to wear masks were allowed to go outside, we were forced back in by our governor. This just set people off. They decided they could have no more of this governor. 

The peoples’ reasons for recalling the governor are well beyond acceptable. The governor is emptying prisons and letting prisoners go while we just sit in our houses to wait out this perilous quarantine. Taxes are still at an all-time high. Our first and second amendments are being encroached, with our right to congregate freely being stripped from us and our right to bear a firearm to protect ourselves being restricted. The governor has made so many changes that our rights, jobs, and freedom are all taken from us. He has accomplished little to nothing in the last two years he has been governor. The people of California are tired of this, and with good reason. Some unknown party created a dedicated website called recallgavin2020. A group of people have formed a petition to recall our governor out of office. The petition, as of today, has around three million signatures of the two million required to remove him from office in the November 2020 ballot.

Gavin Newsom’s actions have sparked the peoples’ distrust and anger. His actions have further degraded living standards in California, and accomplished barely anything. Millions of people have recalled their vote, so Gavin Newsom will be recalled out of office in the November ballot.