What to do Outside of Class

Sarah M., Staff Writer

Done with your homework and now wondering what to do? Well, here are five things you can try.

One thing you could do is play online with friends. If your friends like the same games as you, you can get on a phone call or Facetime and talk while you play.  It is almost like being in the same room. 

Another thing you could do is read a book. Depending on the book, you might lose track of time and just focus on what is going to happen next. Books help transport people to new worlds. They also make you forget your boredom. So if you enjoy reading, get lost in a good book.

Depending on the day, something to cure your boredom could just be a good nap. Sometimes you’re bored because you’re tired. If you have no idea what to do maybe just take a nap. After the nap you may find something to do.

You could also do things around the house. If you have chores you need to do that week do those. If you like cooking you could help make dinner, or if you like baking you could make a dessert.  You could also help your parents around the house.

One last thing that you could do is play with your pets, if you have them. Pets are so much fun to be around. They can cure boredom if you play with them or just hang out with them. If you have dogs, you could take them on a walk or play games with them outside. If you have inside animals, you could play with them inside.  Even a piece of string is fun, if you are a cat.

The next time you are bored, don’t just sit there, do something.