New Teacher: Mr. Foster

New Teacher: Mr. Foster

Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     There are many new teachers at Cope this year, and Mr. Foster is one of them! Mr. Foster taught at Beattie for 3 years before coming to our school, and he has taught in public schools for four years. He now teaches 7th grade science here at Cope.

      Mr. Foster looks forward to teaching earth science. When asked why, he responded, “I really like any unit that deals with earth sciences, such as minerals, paleontology, or geomorphology.” This is no surprise to us, as Mr. Foster has worked with earth science before; he used to be an archaeologist! After some time being an archaeologist, Mr. Foster reminisced about his middle school science classes. This led him to teach science, and he’s been enjoying it so far. Mr. Foster wants to give students a “fun place to explore. Science is all about learning new things and having fun along the way.” His goal is to make that a reality, even during distance learning.

     Distance learning is new to everyone, and teachers have varying opinions on it. Mr. Foster believes that “distance learning is a necessary evil. It’s much more difficult and not as fun, however, this way fewer people will get sick.” However, he still manages to enjoy his free time.

     Mr. Foster’s way of having fun out of school consists of video games, watercolor painting, or doing some woodwork when he has the chance. When asked about pets, Mr. Foster responded that he hopes to get a dog, but for now, his sister’s dog “fulfills his dog needs.” Mr. Foster likes to do fencing with historical swords in his spare time, but he really likes to teach.

     When distance learning is over, we hope to see Mr. Foster in person. Welcome to Cope, Mr. Foster!