Hocus Pocus: How to Focus


Kelsie V., Staff Writer

     The way we learn has changed, and if you are like me, you are snoring away at video meetings with your class. Now that school is online, it is getting harder and harder to focus: during school days and during homework time, too. These are some tips to make it easier to concentrate throughout online school.

     First of all, try to get outside during passing periods, or maybe lunch. It could be a quick step out the door or a fifteen minute run. This will generally make your body feel fresher and it will sharpen your mind. 

     Additionally, during study time, or the time you have to do homework, limit distractions. If you are doing homework on paper, remove all distractions from your desk or homework area. This will help you finish your worksheets quickly, and have more time for your passions, like painting or reading.     

     Another tip is to get lots of sleep. Sleep is crucial if you want to perform well and concentrate easily in school. Our bodies grow when we sleep, and more sleep reduces stress  and makes us more attentive during class. The Nationwide Children’s Hospital says that most teenagers get only 7 to 7 ¼ hours of sleep, when they should get at least 9 to 9 ½ .

      Finally, the last tip is to cut down on watching videos and movies during school days. Even if it may be fun, due to all the strain on your eyes from constant video calls and homework on the computer, your eyes will feel really tired -so give them a break! Try playing a board game with your family or going on a bike ride on a nature trail.

These tips are to help you focus, and to make distance learning not as boring as it may seem, but a little more enjoyable. Hocus pocus! You’ve just learned how to focus.