Pros of Distance Learning


Tessa H., Staff Writer

You may feel like it has been a bit hard to get into the groove of Distance Learning, but going to school online actually has quite a few pros! Here are some of them: 

  1. For starters, we don’t have to take the time to commute to physical school — so, no worries are spent on getting ready for the bus or driving to school ourselves. This is beneficial both in financial and time management situations and leaves more time for us and our family members to get ready in the morning. 
  2. Also, Distance Learning gives us a chance to work on a more loose schedule. Now, we are able to learn at the pace that most suits us and use our time to the point where we are most productive. 
  3. To add on, through remote classes, we have an amazing opportunity to explore different types of technologies that we would not normally use in school. This helps us grow in our knowledge of resources for learning. In example, in my English class, Mrs. Faulkner has given us assignments to complete on Kami. 
  4. Next, because we are working at home, we will most likely be less stressed since we will be around our families. We can also pursue hobbies and activities that we would normally put on the back burner during in-person school. 
  5. Last but not least, Distance Learning allows us to put on a nice shirt — but then wear it with pajama bottoms and slippers! We are able to be a bit more comfortable while we work, which is a big plus. 

 In conclusion, there are actually a lot of perks about attending online classes.