How to look good on Zoom


Courtesy of Gia Goodrich

Marlon M., Staff Writer

    Zoom Meetings are the new “in person” these days, and people have been fixing themselves up with nice outfits and even make-up before going on a Zoom call. However, this may all prove to be in vain if their face becomes a silhouette against the window light. Here are some tips to look good on Zoom, and trust me, none of these involve having to go and get the latest and greatest 4k webcam.

    The first thing to do is to fix your lighting. Pull the curtain on all windows behind and next to you. This way, the camera doesn’t try to compensate for the exposure of the windows. However, be sure not to have your room too dim, or nobody will be able to see you. The second thing you want to do is move to a place with a light directly facing you. A front-facing window is perfect. The window will provide soft, flattering light on your face.

    Secondly, remove any distractions from your background. Nobody wants to see your baby cousin running across the room, or a messy bed. Also, make sure that no beams are coming out of your head or distracting objects in the background. 

    Lastly, put the camera at a flattering angle. The most important thing to know is to look up at your camera. If you put your computer below you, people will be able to see all of your chins, and up your nose. Also, if you move too close to the camera, your face will become distorted.

    COVID 19’s arrival has been very abrupt, and the start of Distance learning has been too. Because of this, none of us has had much experience in zoom calls. Because of this, none of us know how to look good in front of the camera. These tips will help you keep in touch better than without them.