New teacher – Mr. Pfeiffer

New teacher - Mr. Pfeiffer

Josephine H., Staff writer

     Cope Middle School is welcoming a total of ten new teachers, including Mr. Pfeiffer! His first day of distance learning was Thursday, August 12th. He currently teaches history to 7th graders. When asked how long he started teaching, he replied, “Over twenty years.” Before coming to Cope M.S., he taught at Redlands High School as an Athletics Director. He also studied at the University of LaVerne. Mr. Pfeiffer said that he decided to teach because he enjoys helping students learn how to “prepare themselves for success”, and according to Mr. Pfeiffer, this is also his favorite thing about teaching. He hasn’t regretted his decision to teach. His hope for this school year is to learn new things through Distance Learning. Mr. Pfeiffer said that he is very happy with his decision to teach. He also stated that when he first started, he wasn’t stressed at all. Instead, he was very well prepared. 


     When asked what the craziest thing that has happened in his class room was, he responded with, “Once, a bird flew into my classroom window!” Also, his favorite sports are golf and basketball, and during his spare time, he likes to watch movies. I mean, who doesn’t? During the interview, Mr. Pfeiffer stated that his favorite movie quote is “Wind the frog” from Toy Story.

Overall, Mr. Pfeiffer is a superb teacher, and the 7th graders in his class are sure to have a great year and learn a lot from him. I hope Mr. Pfeiffer enjoys teaching here at Cope M. S. Welcome to Cope, Mr. Pfeiffer!