New Assistant Principal: Mr. Ruhm

New Assistant Principal: Mr. Ruhm

Caroline C., Editor

    Cope hired a new assistant principal last year, but he only got to be with us for three days before lockdown was initiated. So let’s take a moment to get to know the somewhat-new assistant principal again!

     He’s been teaching in the RUSD for thirty-five years – eighteen of those as a teacher and seventeen as an assistant principal. He taught at Franklin Elementary for seventeen years as a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher. He was an assistant principal at Beattie, REV, and RHS. When asked about what he does as an assistant principal, he replied, “I view my job is to help make everyone else’s job easier.  I do everything from discipline to evaluations, but I mainly speak with students and parents to help any way I can.  I have an open door and anyone can come and talk to me about anything, any time especially students.  I enjoy speaking with students and helping them more than anything.” He says working with students is the reason he chose to go down this career path. 

     Besides being a teacher and assistant principal, Mr. Ruhm says that he loves travelling with his kids, camping, working in the yard, and fixing things in his garage. During quarantine, Mr. Ruhm says that he has learned more technology than he’d ever expected. On the topic of quarantine, he also asked him about the first place he’d go when the lock down was over. “That’s a hard question,” responded Mr. Ruhm. “A lot of places. A movie, out to eat, Palm Springs, the beach.” Another fun attribute about our new assistant principal is his love for dogs. He has two: a border collie named Ernie and a Shepherd-Great Pyrenees mix named Milo.

     The final question for Mr. Ruhm was, “What do you want students to remember you by?” He answered saying that he wants students to remember that they could always come to him when they needed help or for any other reasons.

Welcome to Cope Middle School, Mr. Ruhm!