My Zombie Bestfriend-Final Part


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

Kierra woke up realizing that the day would be filled with mysteries. She stared at the ceiling with discontent. She went downstairs to get breakfast with Angel, knowing this would not be any normal breakfast. They both greeted each other with a “good morning.” They got their food and sat down. Kierra was hesitant but she wanted to ask questions. “Hey, Angel? I want to ask some questions, because this is all so confusing,” Kierra said. “Sure,” Angel replied. After their chat, Kierra went upstairs to record all of the answers she got into a journal. She wrote about how Angel said something about his change and how he has been hungrier and willing to eat almost anything. He also said he is indeed a zombie. As Kierra wrote this it gave her chills. She continued, though. She wrote on how Angel became a zombie, and if he even has an antidote in his blood.  They sent his blood to a nearby scientist through the message vents they had created. It would take a week for the scientist to figure out if it was an antidote. She paused to look out her window. “I hope it is an antidote because then we can all live happily again,” she murmured. She continued on writing about how Spoon is still uneasy around Angel and how he has been more alert and barking his head off. She ended her journal prompt with a hope that this would all end. A week passed and the day finally came. They got a message in the vents and set it onto their kitchen table. Both with hope in mind opened the message. Their hope paid off -it was successful! They both were jumping with joy, as well as Spoon. They both looked at each other knowing there is a brighter future ahead.