How to keep a balanced life at home


Marlon M., Staff Writer

Things are winding down now for the last week of classes, and the question arises; what am I going to do without school, and how am I going to stay productive, healthy, and stay out of boredom? Well, you have come to the right place.

  1. The first key to keeping a balanced life at home is eating healthy and exercising. This is very important if you want to live a comfortable, fulfilling, and enjoyable life. With a healthy life, there is usually a happy life.
  2. The second key to keeping a balanced life is to do productive activities. There are two distinctive types of activities; consuming and creating. Consumption includes gaming or watching TV. Activities of creation include making music or drawing. Everyone has to consume; everybody needs some rest after hard work, but activities of creation are better for two reasons. The first reason is that one can make things of value. The second reason to create is that creating is one of the best ways to enter the flow state, a state when you are 100% focussed. This makes you happy, and people often describe it as a breathtaking moment.
  3. Another activity that is essential to keeping a balanced life is to learn. Multiple websites are now giving free courses, such as Codecademy to learn coding or Varsity Tutors who are offering summer camps for everything under the sun. You want to have an active brain. Another way is to go over your notes from the year to prevent your brain, as Mrs. Faulkner likes to call it,” to turn into mushy applesauce.” Also, if you have any summer homework, be sure not to procrastinate on it!
  4. The fourth tip is to spend time with family. Spending time with family has a multitude of benefits, so many, not even a fraction of them can be listed here. Spending time with family keeps your mind free, your thoughts positive, and it allows for a stronger emotional bond with your family members.
  5. Lastly, though it seems to go against everything previously mentioned, you should relax and do whatever you want. Now I’m not saying to go on a mischievous undertaking, what I am saying is that summer is one of the few times when you can dive into new endeavors, play, have fun, build a treehouse. Any of these activities you can do over the summer. Go ahead, play Minecraft.
It is essential to keep a balanced life. Like rock balancing, if any part of the structure is unstable, then the rest of the structure will fall. Keep your life as a balanced rock structure.