My Zombie Bestfriend – Part 2


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

Angel looked up with a drowsy face, and Kierra came into a complete shock. Kierra asked, “A-Angel?”

Nothing but silence filled the air. Then, with a slow movement, he looked up straight at her.

Kierra gasped. She looked around frantically to see if she could find anything to protect herself. As she was in the midst of her panic Angel said, “My head hurts…”

Kierra looked up, wide-eyed.

“Why do you look like you’ve just seen a ghost?” Angel laughed.

Kierra paused. “ So… you’re fine?” she whispered.

“Yeah I just feel light-headed,” Angel said, groaning.

Kierra examined him carefully. “You look like a zombie. Did something happen?”

Angel seemed surprised and went to look at his reflection in the puddle next to him. “Wow. I am really pale! I don’t remember what happened out there, though.” Angel said with a confused expression. “I guess if I am a zombie, I shouldn’t be able to talk.”

Kierra said, “Maybe you’re special. I doubt you’re human or a normal zombie.”

Angel nodded, “ Wel, I always knew I was special!” Kierra and Angel both snickered. “ You know, I’m really hungry do we have food?”

“Yeah, but we need to save it, so don’t go crazy. Can you even eat human food, or do you need brains?” Kierra added with a funny expression.

“I am not going to eat brains!” Angel said with disgust as he headed inside for food. Kierra and Spoon followed.

After an hour, Angel had consumed half of the supplies. Kierra yelled, “I said we needed to save food!”

Angel looked surprised and then glanced at all the wrappers and stems of apples he had just consumed. “Oops.”

Kierra stormed off to her room to try and understand what was happening, but at the moment all she wanted was to sleep and figure it all tomorrow. So she dosed off with Spoon in her lap, hoping tomorrow would come with answers.