How You Can Help Others

How You Can Help Others

Lilus M., Staff Writer

Living through this pandemic has encouraged many people to do good deeds. Many people need help, and others need positive thoughts. Below are a few ways you can help others.

1. Providing supplies: When going on lockdown, some people haven’t gotten a chance to gather essential supplies, such as food. Now, many organizations raise money to donate food to those who need it. A simple thing you can do is gather food, along with essential supplies, you don’t need, pack it up in bags, and give it to family members or friends. A fun option is bake/cook food from scratch, and deliver it to friends and family.  This is a way to show them that you truly care about them.

2. Keep in touch: In these times, one cannot interact with people as they used to. For those of you who love to interact and socialize, it may seem like a disaster not being able to talk to others face to face. Do not fret. There’s a little thing we like to call FaceTime. This is the time to make use of this technology, along with other calling apps. You can start calling family members daily. This will make them feel loved,  and it’s a great way to keep in touch. Another way to keep in touch other than FaceTiming is writing letters. Yes. Writing letters might seem impossible for those of you who only text 12 hours a day. Although writing letters might seem old-fashioned, it’s a fun way to keep in touch. You can make your own postcards and send them to relatives. Receiving mail is always something to look forward to, and you know it! 🙂

3. Positive thoughts: To get people through this devastating time, many have been spreading kind messages. You may have seen heartwarming signs saying “We will get through this” or “Have hope”. You may also have seen pictures or videos that put a smile on your face. If you want to spread positive energy, you can start in your neighborhood. All you need to do is gather a few signs, write friendly messages, and even a few drawings, and put them up on your block. This will encourage others to do the same. If you have a social media account, you can also post pictures or videos with strong messages, showing others that they will get through this.

4. Donate: Donating money is a common way to help. Donate money to charities that help Covid relief. Below is a small list of some organizations that you can donate to:

-Feeding America

-Doctors Without Borders

-The World Health Organization

-Redlands Meals on Wheels

These suggested ideas are one of the MANY ways you can help others out there. There are a plethora of people in desperate need of help. Be that person who gets them through this.