Editorial: Sports Balls


Danny B., Layout Editor

This year, a new rule was instituted at Cope Middle School stating that there are no personal sports balls allowed at Cope.  If you want to play at lunch, then you can check out balls in the old lunch detention room. However, there are some serious flaws with this rule. For example, if you don’t get there within the first ten minutes of lunch, then the balls will all be taken. In addition, the equipment, while mildly satisfactory, is not in as good condition as many students personal equipment. In my opinion, I would rather have equipment that I know that no one else has infected with their nasty little hands. On the other hand, the clean one, several people have been injured by sports equipment while walking through the hallways which is why the administrators made a rule in the first place.  My answer to this, however, is that students need to learn how to duck. My idea for the sports ball problem is that a student should be able to bring his/her sports equipment in the morning with his/her name on it and then drop it off at the morning bell.  Then, he/she will be able to check their own ball out at lunch and take it home at the end of the day. Overall, I believe that the office should either change the policy or repeal the sports ball rule altogether. I say, give us our sports balls back!