My Zombie Bestfriend-Part 1


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

The purple ball flew over the heads of Keirra, Angel, and their dog Spoon as the dead tree in the empty yard creaked. The leaves of the bushes brushed against the tall, rusty barrier. The eager barks of Spoon echoed against the house walls and into the ears of all remaining creatures. Keirra caught the ball and set it down while yelling, “ Angel! We have to be careful. This is our only ball, and if you mess up your throws like you always do, we will probably lose it.” Angel looked at her with discontent and an annoyed face and said, “ Well it is fine! We can get it because zombies eat brains so you and Spoon are VERY safe.” Angel snickered while Keirra rolled her eyes unamused.  They continued playing in the summer breeze while Spoon barked his head off at the two looking for the opportunity to get the ball, and when he did he accidentally launched the ball over the barrier. “SPOON!!!” Keirra and Angel exclaimed with a shocked face as the happy drooling creature wagged his tail with content. “What now?!?”,  Keirra asked.  Angel slowly began climbing. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?”, shouted Keirra. “Getting the ball!”, Angel said with a grin as he dropped to the other side of the barrier. Angel was away for five minutes and Keirra started becoming quite worried. As she stood, waiting for his arrival, the ball dropped over their heads. Following the ball, a figure slowly started to come into view, as he dropped to the ground. It was Angel. Keirra began walking towards him.  “Angel? Why does it take so long to get a ba-” Kierra stopped dead in her tracks only to see him give out a groan. He looked up and to Kierra’s surprise, he had a drowsy zombie look.