Galaxy Note 7 Recall and Explosions


Nathan W., Layout

    Samsung recently released their newest phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and there is already a major problem with it.  In less than a month over 100 devices worldwide have caught fire.  This is because the Galaxy Note 7 contains a highly flammable (though typically safe) lithium-ion battery, and when left charging for long periods of time it can overheat and explode.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has since announced a recall that affects nearly all of the 1 million units sold.  Samsung is also planning on releasing a software update that will limit the battery capacity to only 60%.  By doing this Samsung hopes to lower the risk for any devices not turned in.  Samsung is currently offering multiple choices for customers that do turn their device in; they can either receive a full refund, a brand new Note 7 with a safer battery, or they swap it out for one of Samsung’s other phones.  If you bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 before September 15th, please go to for instructions on how to turn your device in.