Sports Starting Back Up


Nikita J., Staff Writer


Due to Coronavirus, sports all over the world have been canceled and this caused great disappointment to many sports fans. However, some have started back up again. Here are a few comeback dates for several sports:

  1. The Summer Games have been postponed a year and have been set for July 23, 2021.  
  2. The N.F.L. has planned to start its first regular-season game on September 10th.
  3. NASCAR is hoping to start again on May 17th.
  4. The French Open has its starting date set for September 20th.
  5. PGA Tour is planning to reopen on June 11th.
  6. PGA Championship said that they were starting again on August 6th.
  7. The US Open for tennis, which was scheduled through August 31st to September 13th, is still on.
  8. The Masters has been scheduled to start again for November 12th.
  9. The US Open for golf is hoping to reopen on September 14th.
  10. The Paralympics have also been postponed for another year and have been set for August 24th.
  11. The U.F.C has started since May 9th and has been going on. 

These are the sports whose dates have been confirmed, however, there are still many other sports that were not listed. This is because the date for reopening has not been confirmed or the event has been canceled. Stay safe and healthy.

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