COVID-19 from a Pet’s Perspective


Caroline C., Staff Writer

Pets have grown used to their masters being away for most of the day, but with quarantine, suddenly, their master is always here! What a miracle! Let’s see what a few furry, and scaly, friends have to say.

Oreo, the tuxedo cat: How do you feel about your owner being home all the time?  Seriously, guys? I need my beauty sleep, and the best time for that was when they were gone. I could bathe in the sun and sleep… but now they’re here. I love them and all, but come on! It’s constant chatter!

Fish, the beta fish: Has your master’s new schedule effected yours?  What are you saying? I- I can’t hear you through the tank. What? Schedule? I never had one. I just go in circles. Master? Who?

Scout, the German Shepard: What has your master been doing with you?  Well, we’ve gone one two or three walks, but I’d like more. He’s been feeding me from the table more -oh my sweet squeaky ball! There’s a squirrel!- and he’s also been petting me more. I guess it’s all good, but I hardly have any privacy now!

Queeny, the chinchilla: Is there anything special you’d like to say about this change?  Ah, yes I would. Oh, is that a camera? Make sure you get my good side. Look at my tail. My long, lovely, fluffy tail. Isn’t it wonderful? And my ears! I’ve groomed them so that they are softer than feathers. On COVID, Queeny. Not on you. Oh… yes. Well, I think that -Oh no! There’s bedding in my fur! Horrible! Horrible! Oh dear… what time is it? 10:27. Oh dear. It’s time for my nap. Farewell! Make sure you use my picture for the cover!

Rex, the corn snake: What has your daily life been like now? It hassss been good. I cannot sssssay much about it, for I am very ssssssatissssfied. I do get more attention, now that my massster is cooped up here. But I musssst admit, it issss funny to ssssee them in a cage!!