Editorial: Should Places Start to Reopen?


Nikita J., Staff Writer

The world feels like it is on pause. We are not allowed to go outside to meet friends, and we can’t go out to places. This pandemic has not only disrupted our daily lives, it has also hurt us economically. Since no one is coming to their shops, local businesses are losing money. This leads us to the big question: should places start to reopen? Well, the short answer is no. Although life can be pretty boring in times like these, it is important to remember why we are practicing social distancing. If we don’t practice social distancing, the amount of cases will go up. With the amount of cases going up,  there won’t be enough ICU beds to treat everyone. So, if we don’t practice social distancing (even though it won’t be as boring) then there will be more deaths. If we do practice social distancing (even though it’ll be boring) then there will be enough ICU beds to treat everyone, causing less deaths. That is why we should continue to practice social distancing. Make sure to stay safe and healthy.