Homemade Exercise Equipment and Ways to Exercise


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Nahiara M., Staff Writer

Right now we are having to stay home, and you might feel that being glued to the couch all day isn’t the best for your health, so here are some ways to exercise and how to make use of your house items and turn them into equipment! For starters, you can make weights from household items, such as heavy books, a gallon of milk or water, or a bottle of detergent! You can also make use of a chair by using it to do step-ups, push-ups, or it can hold your balance while you do lunges. If you have them, stairs can be used for exercise as well. You can run up and down which is great for your legs. Not only that but sometimes exercising doesn’t need equipment, so here are some ways to do that! You can go outside in a backyard and play with a pet, or ride a bike, or (if possible) go hiking! Overall, there are many ways to get some exercise in your daily routine.