Quarantine Journal

Quarantine Journal

Lilus M., Staff Writer

April 27, 2020

Dear Journal,

I would first like to introduce myself. My name is Carina, and I live in a lovely small house in Redlands, CA. I have a younger brother, and two loving parents. I am 13 years-old, and I attend middle school. My life, along with other people’s lives, was going as it usually was. I was a good student with good grades, amazing friends, and so on. Now, things have changed. Let me briefly fill you in on what has happened. Just last year, an outbreak started in China. It is known as the corona virus, or Covid-19. Cases have been rising, many people became infected each day, and many lives were taken. Back over here, we haven’t really been worried about it. The virus was overseas anyway. How would it manage to get here? Well, it DID manage to get here. The outbreak spread, much more cases and deaths had risen, and people became worried. We got to the point where we had to stay in quarantine. Luckily for me, I was already on spring break. Schools in California were first going to stay closed until April 6th, which changed to May 1st, and then the school board finally decided that the Californian schools would stay closed for the rest of the school year. It seemed like good news to us students, but it felt weird and confusing at first. How would we continue to learn? After a couple of weeks, we started doing online schooling. My teachers have given us assignments to do online, which would be due at the end of the week. We’re also doing Zoom calls with our teachers. Usually two each day. It’s nice to do school from home. The cons about staying home is that I don’t get to go out to different places, I don’t get to visit my relatives, and I don’t get to actually see my friends. I know that this pandemic will be over soon. We’re living through history, for sure. Well, that’s it for today, Journal. Good bye for now.

Sincerely, Carina M.