Websites to Use for Learning


Marlon M., Staff Writer

We are living in the age of technology. Why not take advantage of all that it offers? Some people are obsessed with productivity and time management, and if you fall into this category, then here are some apps and websites that will help you learn (even if you’re not, read the article). We also have so much time on our hands, why not take advantage of it by learning and reviewing material? The first one is Wikipedia…Just kidding.

For overall productivity, we recommend the Forest app for your phone. If you find yourself on your phone when you should be studying, it is perfect for you. Set a timer, plant a seed, and watch your little tree grow. It dies if you open the phone, but if you make it to the end of the timer, then you can plant your tree. However, the best part is that forest partners work with a real tree-planting organization so that you can plant actual trees too. Another great one is GoConqr. GoConqr is an app that allows you to create online mind maps, flashcards, quizzes, and not, along with having an online calendar and study planner. You can also create study groups, discuss topics, and share resources all on the same platform, so it is a great way to study with your friends. Lastly, Productivity Owl is a Google Chrome extension that tells you when you’re not being as productive as you should be by having a virtual owl swoop down from the corner of your screen to tell you that it’s time to work.

For English, we recommend using Grammarly to help you with all of your writing mistakes. Quizlet is another recommendation, being a flashcard and quiz based platform for review material. Khan academy is also useful for learning and reviewing for English, though it is better known for learning Math.

For History, we also recommend Quizlet. With essential vocabulary words for your lessons, you can use Quizlet to review and learn new words.

For Math, we recommend using Khan Academy, a great platform for learning and review subjects in math, English, coding, and science. It can also be used to learn some coding languages. Carnegie Learning is another site that helps with learn and review material for math.

And lastly, for science, we recommend using PhET. PhET provides research-based science simulation. Another recommendation is Khan academy. For science, Khan Academy provides hundreds of videos for everything from physics to biology and astronomy.

We currently have a lot of time in our hands and you might not know what to do with the time, so why not learn something? Or, you might have productivity problems, then start your self-betterment journey. The time is now. Go do something.