Local Businesses


Caroline C., Staff Writer

With the pandemic, it has become increasingly harder for small businesses to be successful. There is a drastic change in customers, scheduling, and income. There are several ways to help out. First of all, don’t buy from chain businesses like Del Taco or Bakers — they make enough money. On the other hand, there are several Redlands businesses that could use your help! Here are some great local businesses to try out (business hours may differ):

1. The Cookie Plug: This is a great place to get cookies! They offer multiple flavors, ranging from “firecracker” to “funfetti.” Not to mention that the cookies are huge!

2. The Frugal Frigate: This is a local bookstore in downtown Redlands that still takes “phone orders for no-contact pick up and free local delivery.” So, if you’re in the mood to read, check this organization out!

3.  Nico’s Ice Cream: Nico’s ice cream offers a wide variety of scoops, paletas, and so much more! Currently, they’re offering a “buy two, get a third free” offer.

4. Jax’s Toy Store: An incredibly fun toy store downtown (just across from Nicos!) that is still open. So if you’re bored, it might be fun to check out Jax Toy Store’s selection.

These are just a few of the local stores in Redlands. It would be a huge help to shop at these places and many more to help them out during these hard times.

Stay safe, Cope Eagles!