Quarantine: May 2020 Drawing Prompts


Lia S., Online Manager

Since staying at home has put more time on my hands, I have drawn a lot. Whether it be drawing anime characters or my own characters, my art folder has had to been organized multiple times.

I have lately been using drawing prompts from Tumblr and I thought: why not make one and post it onto The Talon? So here’s the 31-day drawing prompt for the month of May.

–May 2020 Quarantine Prompts–

  1. Draw yourself as your favorite character from any show, movie, or game.
  2. Draw a family member and/or a pet with your hand opposite from the dominant hand.
  3. Draw an exotic animal you find interesting.
  4. Draw a music genre you like.
  5. Draw a fear/phobia as a person.
  6. Draw a terrarium.
  7. Take a classic cartoon character and make them modern.
  8. Take a modern cartoon character and make them classic.
  9. Draw your favorite singer/songwriter.
  10. Draw a something with different shades of the same color.
  11. Draw a meme as middle schooler.
  12. Draw yourself as a Pokémon trainer. Include your party of 6 (or less) Pokémon.
  13. Draw something soft.
  14. Draw yourself as an Animal Crossing villager. (As an animal or human)
  15. Draw something using morse code.
  16. Draw a room in your house.
  17. Draw yourself as the opposite sex.
  18. Draw a movie poster.
  19. Draw a fearsome dragon, or a cute one.
  20. Draw an emotional scene from a movie.
  21. Draw yourself as a Homestuck troll (Google the term to find out).
  22. Draw an alien planet. Include continents and oceans.
  23. Draw stuffed animal you have (if you have one) and make it creepy.
  24. Draw the a planet in our solar system as a person.
  25. Draw yourself as your favorite superhero.
  26. Draw something mythological.
  27. Draw something melting in the hot sun.
  28. Create an original character. On the back, write a mini bio telling their backstory, name, age, sex, where they are from, their ethnicity, etc.
  29. Draw a dinosaur. This is probably the easiest one.
  30. Draw your name into a scene.
  31. Draw your friend group as celebrities that you each resemble physically and personality-wise.

You can do one a week or if you’re up for a challenge, one each day. My favorite prompts would be the Animal Crossing one and the classic and modern cartoon challenges.  Have fun!