Birthdays During Quarantine


Julia T., Co-Editor in Chief

If your birthday falls during quarantine, you probably have no idea what to do to make it special. But with the things listed, I guarantee that your birthday will not feel so lonely.

1. Drive by your friend’s house. This is quite easy and will bring some joy to your day and theirs. Doing this will take away some of your loneliness since you will be able to see some of the people you love.

2. Create a ZOOM call with a lot of people, including your friends and relatives. Here you can have a lot of people singing you happy birthday and giving you birthday wishes. Also, if you and your friends start to feel a little bored, there are a lot of virtual games that you can play. (To see these games, read the article, “How to Spend Time With Friends”.)

3. Go to some of your favorite food stores. There are still food places open that have some of the most delicious food, such as Chaca Tea Bar and Chic-Fil-a. Just run in and get some of your favorite food and this will make your birthday so much better.

These are just a few ways you can spend your birthday and not feel lonely or sad.