Thorough Explanation of Staying Productive During Distance Learning


Marlon M., Staff Writer

Currently, we are living in a time where not washing your hands at least 536 times a day is looked down upon, toilet paper cannot be found for hundreds of miles, and you can’t even walk outside without a facemask. However, our lives must go on, and so must school. It is a different experience than sitting in a classroom for 6 hours a day, where you normally have around 2 hours of online school a day in the comfort of your gaming chair. But, with school still going on, we still want to do our best in all of our subjects. If you are one of those people, then try out some ways you can still stay productive with online classes.

  1. Keep a maximum of 10 tabs open at a time, preferably tabs that you will need or reference for your classes. Do not keep any distracting apps or tabs open such as Spotify or Youtube. Managing your tabs will greatly increase your focus and concentration.
  2. Have a dedicated place to do your work. Sitting in the same place where you play Fortnite and Minecraft will tempt you to do those things, so try to find a dedicated place for work so that you do not get distracted. In this place, you should have no distractions.
  3. This goes with almost all work, but do not procrastinate for obvious reasons. Managing your work into doable goals will help you do them easier. It also helps to insert a little reward here and there. A good rule is the Rule of Three. Create a to-do list with 3 must-dos, and then give them a satisfying crossing out once you are done.
  4. Take breaks. These might be the rewards previously mentioned. During these breaks, you can play with your family, do you PE, preferably something outside. However, you do not need to starve your craving for watching Youtube or doing your hobby. There is also always a time for that. Remember, you should only sit for a maximum of 1 hour. After that, you should take a 10-15 minute break.
  5. Keep in touch with your teachers and friends. Teachers are a great place to go for any questions or help you need for work. Keeping in touch with your classmates will also allow you to create study groups and collaborate on homework. Not only that but calling your friends will bring you joy.

If you wish to stay productive in quarantine during online classes, try a few of these tips for yourself. It may make a huge difference in your productivity and energy levels. Here’s a suggested tip: keep a schedule. This will help with all of the tips above. These can also be transferred into a regular work schedule too, so this is not just for Online Classes. Keeping a schedule with allow you to be more organized. Incorporate this into your lifestyle, and watch how much of a difference it makes.