How to Stay Productive


Margo M., Staff Writer

Being taught electronically is the best way to learn in our current situation, but without a rigid schedule, it can be difficult to stay on task. The internet opens us up to a whole world of distractions and procrastination. To help yourself stay on task and focused, one should first create a schedule for themselves. Yes, the school has created the blocks of time, but those are more for the teachers. It is the time period when they can host zoom classes or interactive class activities. Make note of these times, but also be aware of when teachers aren’t hosting them. If their isn’t an activity, use the time to get work for other classes done. Just because you have English to work on but it’s currently the math block doesn’t mean you can only work on math. If you don’t have any math, work on the science worksheet due tomorrow. Second, stay away from household distractions. Work in space far away from annoying siblings who have finished their classwork and find it great fun to keep your from doing yours. In conclusion, be conscious of your workload and surroundings.