Featured Book of the Month


Lorelei A., Co-Editor in Chief

This month’s F.B.O.T.M. is A Tale of Magic by Chris Colfer. Any Land of Stories fans will recognize that name. Land of Stories was a six book series with several spin-offs, such as The Mother Goose Diaries and Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide to RoyaltyA Tale of Magic is the first book of the backstory behind the series, and personally, a nostalgic trip back to the 3rd grade for me. This book features characters you’ll love as much as you did Alex and Conner, and if you’re a new reader, you’ll quickly understand the appeal.

In the book, we follow Brystal Evergreen as she battles the sexist laws restricting women in her kingdom from doing something as little as reading. For a time, the only thought in her mind is where she’ll get her next book. She’s desperate to gain more knowledge past the ten books she’s read her entire lifetime.

One day, she notices a “Help Wanted” ad at the library. Seeing the opportunity, Brystal immediately applies, and although the librarian is wary, she convinces him she will cause no trouble and gets the job! It’s the work of her dreams: access to more than just her older brother’s law books.

During one of her shifts, Brystal explores the library, searching for new texts to immerse herself in. Instead, she finds a secret corridor shrouded in darkness, the contents of which will completely turn her life upside down.

Although I read the Land of Stories series years ago, A Tale of Magic was a wonderfully nostalgic refresher of Colfer’s enveloping storytelling. I’d highly recommend it to anyone that simply cannot get over fairies.