The PSAT: What It Is and How to Study for It


Nikita J., Staff Writer

The seventh and eighth graders will be taking the PSAT on Wednesday, October 16th. Which is a minimum day, making it perfect for administering the PSAT. The PSAT a two-hour test that is given once a year to get people ready for the SAT (an entrance exam that colleges and universities use to help decide who is going to be accepted).

     The test, presented in four sections, will have breaks in between each section. Two will be English, and two will be math. The English section will include a reading passage and questions to answer afterward. The second English portion is verbal-based. It will ask questions like, “Out of the following sentences is written correctly?”

     The first section for math does not permit a calculator. It will involve questions like solve this equation or solve the following word problem. In the second math part, you may use a calculator.  The questions asked will look like the first section of the math part, but the problems will be harder and require more work since a calculator is allowed.

     There are multiple ways that you could study for the PSAT. One method is reading non-fiction because about four out of five of the passages are non-fiction. Learning how to do mental math quickly will save time, as the test is timed. Finally, improving your grammar would help because about half of the verbal section is grammar. 

     The PSAT is a two-hour test that is used to prepare students for the SAT. It includes four sections: reading, grammar, and math with and without a calculator. To study for the test, one could try using any PSAT study materials online, such as Khan Academy. The test is going to be held on October 16th for the seventh and eighth-graders.