No Beanies and Hoods


Recently, a new rule has been made- no beanies and hoods in the classroom. This has been a rule for a long time, but it has been broken over and over until it seems like it never existed. Students oppose this rule for several reasons, but there are good reasons why they should follow it:

  1. Hoods and beanies could hide AirPods, earphones, and headphones. Those three devices are strictly prohibited.
  2. To make sure that everyone is safe, teachers must be able to see student’s faces. This way, no unauthorized person can enter the school and pose danger on students and staff.
  3. Students should be able to work honestly. if a student covers his or her face with a beanie or hood, teachers may be unsure whether or not the student is copying off another student’s assignment.

These reasons- and many more- prove that students should not wear beanies and hoods inside classrooms. It is for student integrity, and student and staff safety.