New Teacher: Mr. Huston


Lia S., Staff Writer

Mr. Sandoval has gotten a full-time teacher for his 7th-grade math classes. Meet Mr. Huston, the new teacher! Here’s his bio:

I am Mr. Huston. I have been hired full-time, no more substitutes! I look forward to working with our students and the 2nd Semester, Math 7 curriculum! I grew up in Yucaipa and graduated from Yucaipa High School in 1987. From there, through the University of California, Riverside, I earned a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration in 1993. Then, with an interest in military service, I enlisted with the U.S. Army. After six years of service (Germany, Bosnia, and California) I was honorably discharged from Fort Irwin, CA in 1999. From there, my wife and our children moved to Barstow, CA. That is where my teaching career began with Barstow Unified School District. Through Chapman University, Victorville Campus, I earned a Multiple-Subject Credential, a Single-Subject Mathematics Credential, and a Master of Arts in Teaching. As an educator, 17 of my 20 years of experience have been in Middle School Math classes. Now, the time has come, we have returned home to be closer to our families!”

Mr. Huston was also asked a couple of questions during an interview.

He was asked his favorite part of middle school was and he replied with, “My favorite part about middle school is the personality and the livelihood of adolescents.”